Helen Keller and the Temple of Doom

I’m definitely pretty fed up with living in Toronto, when I have to commute away from it most of the time. I’d be happy there, if I worked closer to the city. I’m tired of how little space, a sizeable amount of rent gets one. I want a yard, proximity to better trails and the mountains in NY and Penn states. The flatness of the majority of Southern Ontario, is boring.
I’d like to move to Buffalo, but remain a resident of Canada, as I still will remain working there…but residency laws are kind of weird. It’s looking like my best bet is going to be to buy a home in Fort Erie, as you can buy a fairly nice place between $120-180k.
I may perhaps move to Hamilton for a year, first, to save up. Time for change.

The sinking feeling of my impending departure from Richmond tomorrow, and that there’s never enough time to properly touch base with people I want to see. I’ll be back in Aug-Sept to say goodbye to Mark and McKenzie. I wish I had more time. I wish we all had more time.

Oxygen Starvation and Stress Orphan at RVA Noise Fest. The second last time I saw Stress Orphan, the bloke was eating one of his infected toe nails, he’d ripped off. The last time, he bashed me in the face. This time he had a crow bar, but was fairly contained. 0 scarring circumstances. His set all was a 3 minute ripper, that was sharp and to the point.